Tristagma Patagonicum

Where does succulent come from?

Tristagma Patagonicum - The Succulent WorldArgentina, from southern central cordilleras to the tip of Patagonia (provinces of Chubut, Neuquen, and Rio Negro).

It grows on bare soil near the snow melt zone at 300-2000 metres above sea level according to latitude. It is locally common and abundant, under shrubs of Colliguaja integerrima Gillies et Hook.

What succulent looks like?

Tristagma Patagonicum - The Succulent World

Tristagma patagonicum  is a perennial bulbous herb 7-9 cm high with conspicuous white flowers blooming in the mountains when spring comes. The plants recover from the ravages of winter under the snow with only the smallest green shoots visible.

How to grow succulent?

Tristagma Patagonicum - The Succulent WorldTristagma patagonicum is seldom grown but relatively easy to grow. It is dormant in summer in the wild, many but grows in areas with year round rainfall and may benefit from some summer moisture. It is certainly a beautifully delicate plant that merits cultivation. Lots of light and good drainage are a must.

It should be potted in a mixture of peat sand and loam and protected in a cold frame.Do not over water. In cultivation the slightest careless moisture in the winter produces disaster.They make superb rock garden plants, as well as being perfect for pots and containers.

How to take care succulent?

Tristagma Patagonicum - The Succulent World

Sow them during autumn, in a mix of equal parts of compost, regular garden soil and sharp river sand. Cover this mix with a layer of sand, distribute the seeds and spread some more sand over them to barely cover the seeds. Place your sowing pan in a cold frame or cold greenhouse if you have heavy rain in your area. If you have snow, place the sowing pan outdoors and let nature do its work. The seedlings can be transplanted once they are 5 cm tall.