Portulaca molokiniensis Hobdy

Where does succulent come from?

Portulaca Molokiniensis - The Succulent WorldPortulaca molokiniensis is a rare endemic to the Hawaiian islands where it known to grow in loose volcanic scree on steep slopes and in sand near the seaside on the arid islets of Molokini and Pu’ukoa’e and at Kanhio Bay on Kaho’olawe off the west coast of Maui.

What succulent looks like?

Portulaca Molokiniensis - The Succulent WorldPortulaca molokiniensis is a stout, upright growing succulent that branches at or below the soil line to form a small shrub to 30 to 50 cm tall by about as wide with each stem being about the thickness of a cigar.  A cluster of small yellow cup-shaped flowers forms at the ends of thick stalks that arise from the centre of the leaf rosettes, but it is the foliage of this plant that really makes it unique. Portulaca molokiniensis is an attractive plant for cultivation.
Stems: Thick, round, corky, up to 2 cm in diameter at the base. Older stems with a pale, corky layer of secondary growth, usually branched at or slightly beneath the ground.

How to grow succulent?

  Portulaca Molokiniensis - The Succulent World Portulaca molokiniensis is an attractive plant for cultivation but not been widely cultivated.  It grows well in poor, sandy or gravelly soils. Foliar feed monthly or a water-soluble fertilizer with a dilution of one half to one third of recommended strength. Needs full sun to flower.

How to take care succulent?

Portulaca Molokiniensis - The Succulent WorldDrought tolerant, but flowers best with regular watering. Don’t water with overhead irrigation, which can damage the flowers. Once plant is well established, allow them to dry out between waterings. This plant naturally grows in very harsh, dry conditions and does not like wet feet, that is constant moisture in the root area. Not a recommended plant for someone who loves to water!