Opuntia Aureispina

Where does succulent come from?

Opuntia Aureispina - The Succulent WorldWest Texas. Brewster County, west Texas. Apparently restricted to the limestone hills near the Rio Grande, near Mariscal Mt. to Boquillas Canyon, in the Big Bend National Park, possibly adjacent Coahuila in Mexico (Northern America). Even though Opuntia aureispina has a limited range, its population is dense.

What  succulent looks like?

Opuntia Aureispina - The Succulent WorldOpuntia aureispina (golden-spined prickly pear) is a treelike shrub with many ascending branches near ground level 1-1.5 m tall, from short heavily spined trunks. As suggested by its common name, it posses rather long, golden spines. The spines appear more numerous and longest an upper part of pads. Opuntia aureispina can be distinguished from other prickly- pears by its spiny fruits that are fleshy at first but dry and hard at maturity, and its yellow flowers with reddish bases.

How to grow succulent?

Opuntia Aureispina - The Succulent WorldOpuntia aureispina is a much decorative frost hardy, summer grower species that offers no cultivation difficulties. Its small bluish pads provide a striking accent for an otherwise dormant cactus garden.

Use a very a particularly draining substratum, as it is sensitive to rottenness when in presence of humidity and low temperatures and let the soil dry out between waterings, since it’s natural habitat is in sandy or gravelly, well draining soils.

It is a quite frost resistant cactus, hardy to -7° C (or less if very dry). However in cultivation it is better not to expose it to temperatures lower than -0° C, even if in an aerated and protected location, in order to avoid the formation of anti-aesthetic spots on the epidermis. In presence of high atmospheric humidity avoid any frost as it is particularly sensitive to root rot. It can handle extremely high temperatures in summer.

scarified seeds, stem division. Prickly pear pads root easily and grow rapidly when placed in loose, well-draining soil.

How to take care succulent?

Opuntia Aureispina - The Succulent WorldIt is armed with treacherous glochid barbs. All prickly pears have tiny, hair-like glochid thorns in clusters on the pads. The barbed glochids cause extreme discomfort and must be meticulously removed with tweezers.