Lithops Coleorum

Where does succulent come from?

Lithops Coleorum - The Succulent WorldLithops Coleorum is a genus of succulent plants native to southern Africa.


What succulent looks like?

Lithops Coleorum - The Succulent WorldThey are dark green and clearly distinguishable. Channels narrow, semitranslucent, brown with a reddish or rarely greenish cast, usually up to 2,5 mm wide.

Floawers daisy-like, diurnal, small to medium-sized up to 25 mm in diameter (but usually about 20 mm), yellow.

How to grow succulent?

Lithops Coleorum - The Succulent WorldThey Require little water otherwise the epidermis breaks (resulting in unsightly scars). The basic cultivation routine is: Stop watering after flowering. Start watering after the old leaves are completely dry (usually late March or Early April). Water freely during the growing season, soak the compost fully but allow it to dry out between waterings.

In the winter season the plant doesn’t need watering, the plant in this time extracts water from the outer succulent leaves, allowing them to shrivel away, relocating water to the rest of the plant and to the new leaves that form during this period. If grown in a container, bottom watering by immersing the container is recommended. Water sparingly only when warm, no water when cold. Nearly all problems occur as a result of overwatering and poor ventilation, especially when weather conditions are dull and cool or very humid. They must have very dry atmosphere.

How to take care succulent?

Lithops Coleorum - The Succulent WorldLithops may be attractive to a variety of insects, but plants in good condition should be nearly pest-free, particularly if they are grown in a mineral potting-mix, with good exposure and ventilation. Nonetheless, there are several pests to watch for:
1.Red spiders
2.Mealy bugs
3.Sciara Flies
4.Scales, thrips and aphids