Lithops Bromfieldii

Where does succulent come from?

Lithops Bromfieldii - The Succulent WorldSouth Africa, Northern cape (Districts Gordonia, Hay, and Prieska)

Lithops bromfieldii L. Bolus
Lithops rouxii hort. ex Oesterr.

What succulent looks like?

Lithops Bromfieldii - The Succulent WorldLithops bromfieldii is a non-halophytic, medium sized Lithops, easily recognised by the bullate yellow-brown markings of the dark-green window, pinkish-grey facial colour and the many dark to blood-red rubrications. This species is quite variable and the colours and face pattern varies in plant from different provenance.

Lithops Bromfieldii - The Succulent WorldAs with many other Lithops species, several varieties have been described on the basis of variation in the colour of the tops of the leaves, the status of these uncertain, but all conforms to the typical Lithops morphology: two thick, fleshy windowed leaves separated by a crack from which a yellow flower appears.

Seeds:Tiny, light brown to brown.

How to grow succulent?

Lithops Bromfieldii - The Succulent WorldIn the winter season the plant doesn’t need watering, the plant in this time extracts water from the outer succulent leaves, allowing them to shrivel away, relocating water to the rest of the plant and to the new leaves that form during this period.

Water sparingly only when warm, no water when cold.