Black Spined Agave

Where does succulent come from?

ABlack Spined Agave - The Succulent Worldgave macroacantha is native to northern Oaxaca and also near the town of Tehuacan in the State of Puebla, Mexico.It grows in barren rocky, very arid terrain. It is common on the dry sedimentary slopes about Tehuacan.

What succulent looks like?

Black Spined Agave - The Succulent WorldAgave macroacantha (Black-spined Agave) is a stunning specimen plant for containers.Agave macroacantha is a very distinctive small to medium-sized Agave with leaf rosette that can be basal or can grow on a very short stem. 1 to 2ft. blue-grey Agave, compact and low.

Large black terminal spines, recurved marginal spines. Full sun at the coast. Will form dense clusters that can spread 3 to 5 feet wide.  Plant in fast-draining soil, grows fast with summer water.

How to grow succulent?

Black Spined Agave - The Succulent WorldAgave is not a difficult plant to grow. They’re slow-growing and dramatic and will even thrive on a bit of neglect.Plant in well-drained soil. It is better to use wide pots which allow space for the roots of the Agave macroacantha to grow.

Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch.  The blue-green-leaved form is from slightly more moist areas, and will tolerate extra water.

How to take care succulent?

Black Spined Agave - The Succulent WorldBe aware that some of the large varieties will eventually outgrow your room (unless you have a large greenhouse), and Agave can be aggressive. They have irritating sap and sometimes very sharp thorns that can cause injuries to small children and even pets.